Sachregister der Nietzsche-Bibliographie / Kurztitelliste

Verfasser Hauptsachtitel Erscheinungsjahr Ident
Tones, Matthew Nietzsche's actuality : Biscovic and the extremities of becoming. 2015 34491
Hill, James Nietzsche and Boscovich: "a war to the knife" against soul atomism. 2005 32697
Ansell-Pearson, Keith Nietzsche's brave new world of force : on Nietzsche's 18732 "Time atom theory" fragment and the matter of Boscovich's influence on Nietzsche. 2000 25966
Whitlock, Greg[ory Jay] Investigations in time atomism and eternal recurrence. 2000 25967
Porter, James I. Untimely meditations : Nietzsche's "Zeitatomistik" in context. 2000 25968
Caygill, Howard Nietzsche and atomism. 1999 24641
Porter, James I. Nietzsche's atoms. 1992 12999

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